Not Just the Biggest, but the Best

Wrestling for the covers? Fighting over the blanket? Cursing your cold toes? It’s not you. Blankets are too small. So we threw out the old standard sizes and re-engineered our Big Blankets to be perfect squares that are 4x bigger than throw blankets and nearly 50% larger than king-size blankets.

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Our best-selling proprietary fabric is velvety-soft, cool yet cozy, and uniquely stretchy for extra comfort and durability. It won’t lose shape, color, snag, pill or wrinkle. Plus, you can choose from more colors than there are rooms in a home.

🙌 10' x 10'
(100 Sq Ft!)

🤩 15+ Colors

🌡 Temp Regulating

☁️ 4-Way Stretch

🧺 Machine Washable

💯 100-Night Guarantee

Big Blanket

Original Stretch™

Average Throw Blankets

Average King-Size Blanket

Knock-Off Wannabe Blankets

They Said It Couldn't Be Done

When we started Big Blanket Co, industry veterans laughed and said a 10’ x 10’ blanket wasn’t possible.

Now we’re in 500,000+ homes with hundreds of thousands of cozy, happy customers who agree smallmblankets suck.

So take that hot-shot blanket veterans.

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