XL Weighted™ Duvet Cover

XL Weighted™ Duvet Cover

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This duvet cover is sold separately from the XL Weighted™ blanket. The duvet cover is soft cotton, machine washable accessories to complement your XL Weighted™ blanket core.


The Big Guarantee

 We're not satisfied unless you're totally happy and ridiculously cozy in your Big Blanket.

The Biggest, Best
Blankets in the World.

The XL Weighted™ is a 2-piece weighted blanket system with a premium glass bead removable core and soft cotton, machine washable duvet cover. It’s the perfect balance of weight and comfort.
  •  Largest Weighted Blanket Available
  •  Extra Room On King Or Cali-King Bed
  •  Available In 30 lb. Or 40 lb. Weights
  •  All-Season Comforter Alternative
  •  Includes Duvet With Reinforced Ties
  •  Weighted Core: 100% Polyester
  •  Duvet Cover: 100% Cotton

Here's why Big Blankets are the best.

It’s big. Bigger than any other weighted blanket you can buy. And it’s quilted construction keeps the premium glass beads in place so you’re evenly and securely trapped in its comfort.

Taking care of your Big Blanket is easy.

XL Weighted's removable duvet cover fits in a standard sized washing machine so keeping it clean and cozy is no big deal. You don’t have to pay for it to be dry cleaned or ask your mom to wash it.
  • Washing Machine Safe
  • Easy To Fold And Store

The Big Guarantee

We're not satisfied unless you're totally happy and ridiculously cozy in your Big Blanket.
  • Biggest, Best Blankets You Can Buy
  • 100 Night Guarantee
  •  Free Shipping on All US Orders

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perfect gift

“Will it make your life unequivocally better? Yes.”
“Quite possibly the biggest, best blanket in the world.”
“Bigger isn't always better, of course — but in this case, it is.”
"A giant, cozy blanket for the whole family to stay warm under."