The Biggest, Best Blankets in the World.

Choose from 5+ fabrics in dozens of colors and patterns. Find the best blanket for you or anyone on your gift list:

Absurdly Oversized

No more cold feet

No more blanket fights

Machine washable

Find Your Favorite:

All indoorsy Big Blankets are a whopping 100-sq-ft in size and each uses a different ultra-cozy fabric so you can create your comfort zone.

  • Original Stretch™ Blanket

    Our bestselling, super-soft and stretchy blanket

    Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
    9,837 Reviews

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  • Kore Short



  • Villa Short



  • Fleet Short



  • Short-Sleeve Bridge Button Down

    Light Cloud Daggers


  • Mudra Jumpsuit



  • Performance Jogger

    Sawyer Heather


  • Long Sleeve Dune Crew



Can't Decide?

The Magic in the Fabric.

We searched the world over for our best-selling, proprietary Original Stretch™ fabric and we promise it’s unlike any blanket you’ve ever experienced.

🌡 Sweat Stopping

We took athletic apparel fabric features and applied it to a blanket. Why? Because night sweats suck. Our specially-formulated material wicks away moisture and regulates temperature for all-seasons comfort.

☁️ Scientifically Soft

Blanket scientists measure the softness and density of a fabric in grams per square meter (GSM). Average blankets have ~140 GSM but ours has 520 GSM. In other words: it’s the softest blanket you’ll ever touch.

🤗 Uniquely Stretchy

Should a blanket stretch? Uh, yeah. We included spandex in our specially-formulated fabric. Its unique stretch feels like a hug. But it also makes the blanket extra durable — it won’t lose shape, color, snag, pill or wrinkle.

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