Pricing Updates

Bryan here, co-founder and CEO of Big Blanket Co. Later this month, you’ll notice some pricing updates and we want to let you know why. 

After realizing that throw blankets were smaller than the average human, we launched Big Blanket Co with a simple idea: to create the biggest, best blankets in the world. And in a short time, we’re incredibly grateful that over 250,000 people have welcomed our blankets into their homes.

Since launching in 2018, a handful of things have changed: 

   •   International tariff rate increases
   •   Transit cost increases due to supply chain disruptions 
   •   Fluctuations in raw material costs

Rather than sacrifice quality, we remain committed to providing the best blankets on the market, while paying our suppliers and our 25+ employees based in Springfield, MO, a competitive, living wage. This is why you’ll see the price of our Original Stretch™, Premium Woven™, and Premier Plush™ blankets increase by up to 10% beginning on September 20, 2021. 

We’ll always strive to give the best possible customer experience (with no BS), which is why we’re sharing this with you before implementing these changes. 

Thanks for being a Big Blanket Co fan — it truly means the world to us. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Stay cozy,

P.S. Todd, our finance guy, had the idea to make our blankets smaller. No one has heard from him since.