Our Story

We uncovered a problem we all have but no one had done anything about (until now). The average throw blanket is 50” x 60” and the average human is 65” tall. We did the math and it simply didn’t add up. So we set out to not only make the biggest blanket, but the best blankets.  

On the journey, we were laughed at by industry veterans who said a 10’ x 10’ blanket wasn’t possible. We traveled the globe insearch of cloud-like materials. We bootstrapped getting our blankets into the hands of our earliest Kickstarter backers.

Now we’ve been welcomed into more than 150,000 homes and heard from tens of thousands of cozy customers who never want to leave their Big Blanket behind. And don’t worry, you won’t have to. We’re committed to bringing you the biggest, best comfort you can get.

Bryan Simpson

Co-founder | CEO

Why Big Blanket Co

Big Blankets are 4x the size of an average throw blanket and larger than a king-size blanket. That’s large enough to end the blanket war between partners, cover and cuddle the whole family, or just layer yourself into a human burrito.


Our Mission

Big Blanket Co thinks small blankets suck. Our goal is to unlock absurd levels of coziness that the boring, conventional options don’t give you.


How do you get cozy?