Bonus - Sateen Dream™ Pillowcases

Bonus - Sateen Dream™ Pillowcases

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The Sateen Dream™ pillowcase features a supremely-soft, breathable 300-thread-count cotton sateen weave that softly kisses your cheek as you drift off to dreamland. 


Includes: 2 pillowcases

Material: 100% cotton sateen. Designed in the USA. Made in India.

Size Guide: 

   •  KING: 21" x 40"

   •  STANDARD: 21" x 32"


La gran garantía

 No estamos satisfechos a menos que estés totalmente feliz y ridículamente cómodo en tu Big Blanket.

The Biggest, Best
Bedding Ever Created.

Unlock the best sleep of your life from the moment you tuck yourself in.
  •  4” hemline
  •  Pill-resistant
  •  Shrink-resistant
  •  Satin-like finish
  •  Breathable

Supremely soft pillowcases that kiss your cheek.

Bye, bye sweatiness.
  •  100% cotton gets magically softer with every wash
  •  300 thread count sateen weave (if you’re into that)

Bigger by popular demand

Turn retucking into resting.

Extra width helps pillow stay lofty and ultra-comfy all-night.

The Big Guarantee

We're not satisfied unless you're totally happy and ridiculously cozy in your Big Blanket.
  • Biggest, Best Blankets You Can Buy
  • 100 Night Guarantee
  •  Free Shipping on All US Orders

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